November 19th 2004
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It’s been quite some time now I left and it’s associates unattended
I’m sorry.
Now there’s both good and bad news: The bad thing is that I still have to work hard until I can do something good for these sites... The good thing is that when I say good, I mean good: I just chose a new provider, which allows me to apply all those sophisticated techniques I’ve learned during the last year more easily
This new situation makes me hurry: The old web site is down and I have to upload all this old stuff to my new web space immediately, without the time of making prior changes. So the navigation structure is quite broken up now. The only really efficient way of fixing it is to rebuild these sites in a complete manner—i.e., using web standards. Whatever “web standards” means: This term is new to, but it shall be explained soon ;)

Yours, Bubax
[November 19th 2004] and it’s associates have been more or less completely redesigned
Many old paths have become invalid. If you enter an invalid address, however, you should be redirected to the appropriate location
I hope these changes will help me keeping this site updated with less effort
[July 22nd 2003]
I’ll most likely modify the design of this site more or less completely. (Although I believe it’ll remain blue)
Therefore, you may consider it as being under construction
All the great links I’ve found in the meantime have to be shown; some more information on my “summer holidays” should be included, too. (Well, they are, but they are not linked yet)
[July 15th 2003]
Hi. I’m back
After I have successfully completed the “summer holidays” (December 2002 to July 2003) I’ve finally found some spare time to do some critical debugging
The point is this: Under certain circumstances (usually concerning slow internet connections or a lazy server), there has been observed infinite reloading. This messy inconvenience should be erased now. Thanks to the people who gave feedback on this bug
The reason for those long “holidays” will be explained later. I’m sorry if you’ve been bored in the meantime
[July 6th 2003]


With all this help one may wonder why [this old sausage of a website] is still so far from an ideal state. The answer must have something to do with the fact that we are not working closer to absolute zero. A concise summary of thermodynamics has been given:
The First Law says you can’t win; the best you can do is break even
The Second Law says you can break even only at absolute zero
The Third Law says you can never reach absolute zero
Walter J. Moore
Physical Chemistry
4th Edition, 1972